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if you would like to help the channel, click on Donate and find information on ways to help our channel. you can also help by subscribing on our email list by being a member on this website and invite friends to become a member and help spread our cause.

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To watch mensahe TV on the convenience of your home, go to your nearest Cignal TV official provider, buy the base package (290 Php) or any package above it, and watch Mensahe TV at Home.

What is Mensahe TV

What Mensahe is Today

What we do.

Mensahe TV is a non profit organization that specializes in Da'wah or the propagation of everything Islam. we strive in creating content for our Channel, Mensahe TV which is broadcast and can be seen in every Cignal subscribed home nationwide. 

We work with many people involved in spreading the message of Islam and we are hoping to involve every muslim or anyone who is interested in the religion.

Wether it is in Da'wah or Donations we are more than happy to receive it from anyone who is willing to help. 

Our Dynamic Group

Mensahe TV is a group of dynamic and creative thinkers whose purpose is to create content for the benefit of the muslims all throughout the Philippine Islands. they are dedicated to showing what Islam is and what it can contribute to the community.

Our Nationwide Channel

Mensahe TV is Currently the first Islamic Channel to be broadcasted across all the philippine Islands. with Cignal TV's great coverage, we can now bring the voice of mensahe TV on all the Television screens on every household nationwide.

After a Year of production

Mensahe TV is has had its 1st annual Achievement/ Accomplishment event and is looking forward to even more projects and production. we hope to be even better in what we do and to learn more in the coming months.