Mensahe TV

Message to Humanity

Whole Team

Meet The Team

Our Bosses

Ustd. Mujahid Navarra

Program Manager
Ustadz Mujaheed is a Great Leader and a program manager of mensahe TV.

Sheikh Moaaz Al-Hawari

Executive Director
The Leader and Visionary of Mensahe TV. Sheik Moaaz is the desicion maker of the institution.

Julius Macasayon

Production Supervisor
Hardworking and Creative. Julius oversees all production within Mensahe TV. he also edits and directs most videos in the channel

Post and Pre-Production team

Rahyeeb Revie Nicolas


one of the most Creative Mind of the group, although fairly new on the team, his artistic persona is reflected in all his accomplished videos

Adonis Ventura


Joel Epis

Senior Editor

Reynald Baula

Senior Cameraman

Alvin Rashed


Rene Jereos

Art Department

Amor Masbod

Production Coordinator

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Rafael Alis

Video Editor

Zaid Palma

Graphics Editor

Khalid Rallos

Production Assistant

Abdulrashid Patriarca

Chief Executive Officer


Broadcasting Department


Jhameel Bulay
Head of Broadcasting

Esmael Abdula
Head of IT

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Sayeed Ashraf Malali

Security Team

Abdulrauf Patriarca